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Get Fast Cash for Your Phones and Tablets

If you’re thinking about recycling your phone/device, you’re not alone. In just three years from now, Americans will be recycling nearly 200 million tablets, phones, and other devices on an annual basis (Compass Intelligence). And anecdotally, we hear from customers all the time, who ask, “Where can I sell my phone in Johnstown, PA?”

To better meet this growing demand, ecoATM provides a simple way to sell your phone in Johnstown, PA. And safe, too! Our network of 2,000-plus kiosks are safe, conveniently located, and super-easy to use. When you recycle through ecoATM, you get fast cash for your phones, and the earth gets much needed TLC. Talk about a win-win.

There's a ecoATM Kiosk Near You

Maybe it’s not your phone – maybe you want to sell your tablet. The good news is that our Johnstown, PA self-service sales kiosks accept all kinds of personal electronics, including:
  • iPhones
  • Broken iPhones
  • Other Apple products
  • Android tablet devices
  • Amazon readers like Kindle Fire
  • Motorola cell phones and smartphones
  • HTC cell phones and smartphones
  • Blackberry personal data devices
  • Samsung Devices including the Galaxy S series, Note and more
Trade in Your Phone Today

The reason we got into this business to begin with was to encourage consumers to care for the environment. Our strategy was simple: make it safe, convenient, and easy for people to trade in their used devices, and provide a financial reward for each device they recycle. Since then, we’ve bought over 9 million devices from people just like you, so we’ve got this thing down to a science. We’re delighted, but not surprised, to be regarded as one of the most trusted brands in the personal electronics industry.

So don’t delay -- sell your phone (or other device) for cash at one of our ecoATM kiosks. Find the location nearest you today! If you need any help, contact the ecoATM team online.

ecoATM acquired Gazelle in 2015, allowing our consumers to have an online or kiosk experience Nationwide.
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Walmart1935 (PA) 1

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